We are registered with An Garda Siochana to process Garda vetting on behalf of our members. Garda Vetting is a legal requirement for all people working with children and vulnerable adults, under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016. All of our members can avail of Garda vetting by SureSitter.

Carers who are Garda Vetted by SureSitter are 90% more likely to be hired.

How do you get Garda vetted?

As a SureSitter member, we will process your application for you. Simply click on the link below to pay the administration fee and start the process. Once paid please email vetting@suresitter.com

What is Garda vetting?

Garda vetting is a background check completed by the National Vetting Bureau. When they receive a vetting application, they will check to see if that person has a criminal record.

How long does Garda vetting take?

Currently, the processing time is approximately 2 weeks after all documentation is received.

How do I apply for Garda vetting online?

Step 1

  • You must complete a Vetting Invitation Form (NVB1) and return it to us. You must provide proof of identity (both photographic identification and proof of address) to us.
  • We will then validate your identity, and complete the Identification Verification Form.

Step 2: We will review the information provided and if everything is satisfactory we will submit your application to the National Garda Vetting Bureau Online Vetting system.

Step 3:A link will then be sent to you from the National Vetting Bureau asking them to complete an online application for Garda vetting. This link is valid for 30 days.

Step 4: Once you have clicked on the link sent to you and inputted all the information required, you can then trace the status of your application through the National Vetting Bureau website: https://vetting.garda.ie/Track and entering the reference number assigned to them, This will start with ECI001-20—– and your date of birth.

Step 5: We will review the completed Online Vetting Application Form and passes it to the National Vetting Bureau.

Step 6: The National Vetting Bureau processes the application and forwards a vetting disclosure (completed Garda Vetting) to SureSitter.

Step 7: We will inform you that you are Garda Vetted and your profile will display the Garda Vetted badge. The process is currently taking approximately 2 weeks.

For more information please email us at vetting@suresitter.com.

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