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Usually only from 1pm, (possible can include somedays from 9 when school). 2 year old girl, very sweet and amicable 5 year old boy, head strong at times, addicted to Lego Mario, needs encouragement to play outside. If being challenging he often improves with food. Ideally role involves collecting 2yo old from creche at 1, and 5yo from school at 1.30. The creche and school are close to each other. However we may be able to do the collection. Ideally kids can be looked after in our home, but can be looked after in childminder's home also. They often play very well together, and for long periods on their own too. Re food: You most likely can give them food that doesn't need cooking. Both are good eaters and are often hungry especially 5yo after school. They eat lots of fruit, some raw veg like carrots and mushrooms. We also give them nut butters in sandwiches and on a spoon to fill them up sometimes. They eat veggie based crisps like tomato wheels/carrot crisps/veggie straws. We don't often give treats, grandparents give them but must finish meals before having treats. Treats we do give are ice lollys made of apple juice, smoothies from yogurt and banana. Maybe once every 2 weeks we'd give a fruit/oat bar. 5yo gets chocolate he's been given at parties/events. They only drink milk and water. They might watch TV before dins in the evening, but need to tidy up first. Often while tidying up they end up playing more with toys and forget about TV. We only otherwise give them screen time if at the docs/hairdressers appts or something unusual like someone in the house is sick. Send me a message at Maybebright at gmail 5 year old has homework mon-thurs and will need help with this after school, except with religion homework.


Kiltiernan, Dublin



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