How it works

SureSitter connects parents to trusted sitters, like you! We’re providing an easy, safe and trusted way for you to do what you love and build a great income. Getting set up is easy – as you’d expect, there’ll be checks to make sure you’ll provide a professional service, but we’ve made process simple and quick. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Create your account

Creating an account is simple. Go here and enter a few details to get started. We’ll send you an email to confirm your account – you have to do this before your profile can be made live on SureSitter. Once logged in you can see your personal dashboard and start building your profile.

Step 2: Complete your profile

Your profile is how you sell your service, it appears in the search results on SureSitter and will shape the parents’ first impression of you. Try to add as much detail as possible, it’s important that parents understand who you are and your experience.

It’s also compulsory to add a current profile picture that clearly shows your face. Feel free to smile on it, unlike on a Passport photo! Your profile picture will only be visible to parents when your profile is complete.

Complete the ID check. This allows us to confirm that you are who you say you are. It takes 2 minutes and we digitally confirm your identity using a passport or drivers licence. If you complete the check your profile will be highlighted to parents and you will appear higher in search results.

Top tips for a great profile:

·       Add your experience, any relevant previous job history and why you chose to be a sitter.

·       List the locations you’re willing to work in – you can list as many as you want.

·       Verify your identity with a passport or drivers licence.

·       Make sure your profile is published using the button on your dashboard. Otherwise parents won’t see it in their search results.

·       Make sure your photograph is recent and professional, think formal rather than Facebook.


Step 3: Finding jobs

Once your profile is complete and published, it’s time to do what you love.

There are two ways to find jobs on SureSitter:

  1. Review the jobs board and apply for jobs that you are interested in.

The Jobs board list all the opportunities available on SureSitter. You can search and refine the results according to your area and other filters. Once you find a job that’s right for you, you simply apply and wait for the parents to review your application.

You can have multiple applications active at the same time, meaning you don’t have to wait for a reply on one before applying for another job.

  1. Receive invitations to apply directly from parents.

Direct invitations are where SureSitter has matched you with a parent’s search based on your profile and the family’s needs. You will find your direct invitations these in your dashboard inbox and we’ll also email you the invite. Then you have to apply for the job directly if you are interested.

Step 4: Accept or reject an invite

It’s very important to either accept or reject an invitation to connect. It only takes a second and the parent will be notified automatically so they can take the next step. Once you accept an invitation to connect, parents will contact you directly to discuss the job.

Top tip: Faster replies mean more work

It’s very important to either accept or reject an invitation as soon as possible. Parents will be able to see a ‘Response time’ on your profile and will use it as a measure of trust and professionalism – you will get more jobs if you respond to parents quickly.

Step 5: Complete the job and ask for a review

After connecting with the parent and completing the job, you should ask them for a review. All reviews go on your profile and increase your SureSitter ranking, meaning positive reviews build more trust and result in more invites to connect. They also make you feel great too!

So that’s how SureSitter works. Repeat steps 3 and 4 and you’ll soon be a SureSitter pro, doing what you love on your terms and earning as much as you want! Ready to get started?

See our FAQ for sitters.