When you hire a nanny, childminder or au pair to look after your children in your home, you become their employer. You have a legal obligation to provide your childminder with a contract of employment and to calculate and pay PAYE, PRSI And USC on their behalf. If you wish to read more about these obligations see here.

SureSitter can help you with both of these requirements.


Payroll Services

We provide a complete payroll service for families who employ a childminder. This ensures that you are compliant with Revenue and meeting your statutory obligations as an employer. Included in this service is a tailored employment contract between you and your childminder.

We provide this service at a cost of €10.95 per week.

What is included:

✔  Tailored employment contract

✔  Registration with Revenue

✔  Calculation of PAYE, PRSI and USC to be paid

✔  Payslips emailed directly to you

✔  Filing of all returns with Revenue

✔  Arrange for a direct debit to be set up between you and Revenue, if required.

✔  Unlimited payroll support

Why choose SureSitter:

✔  Experts- our team consists of qualified Chartered accountants and ITI members

✔ Experience- we have over 20 years experience in payroll

✔ Customer Service- dedicated customer service to answer any queries you may have

✔ Quick and easy set-up




Revenue has produced a helpful guide to registering as an employer which you may find useful:


For more information please email info@suresitter.com for a consultation.