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How you pay your childminder and tax implications

The severe lack of childcare places in Ireland along with a move towards flexible working means that, as a result, more and more parents are choosing to have their children minded in their own home by a childminder. There are also lots of advantages to this type of childcare including not having to bundle the…

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Top tips for choosing the right sunscreen for your children

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking of holidays, warm Summer days and ice-creams! Even though we are not blessed with a tropical climate in Ireland it’s still really important to apply sunscreen. This is especially true with small children who have delicate skin and are unable to apply it correctly themselves….

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15 interview questions for a childminder and babysitter

We understand that leaving your child or baby with someone new for the first time can be difficult. However, with proper planning and interviewing, this needn’t be the case. We have put together a list of questions that you should consider when interviewing any perspective childminder, babysitter or au pair. What experience have you in…

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Back to School Allowance in Ireland

Back to School Allowance. August is a very expensive month for parents. Between the cost of school books, uniforms and other school supplies it all adds up. This is particularly the case if you have more than one child. A recent survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions found that the average cost of…

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How to land your first job on SureSitter!

1. Complete your profile and make it stand out Make sure you fully complete your profile. There are a few mandatory fields such as a profile picture and serviceable areas (i.e. the areas you wish to work in) but it’s also really important to complete all of the optional fields. This helps parents when considering…

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