10 top tips for travelling with children


Travelling with children can be extremely stressful. But with the right planning, it need not be. We have put together a checklist to help you make the process as painless as possible.

  1. First aid kit

Essential for every family holiday. Your kit should include plasters, antiseptic wipes or cream, adhesive tape and absorbent pads. Saline drops or sachets for cleaning out cuts and grazes.


  1. Pain and temperature relievers

We’ve all been there where your child gets an unexpectedly high temperature, usually during the night when there is no pharmacy open and we forgot to pack any medicine. Always bring a small bottle of liquid paracetamol (Calpol) or ibuprofen (Nurofen). Suppositories are also very handy for travelling.


  1. Sunscreen

We can’t overstate how important this is especially a child’s delicate skin. See our blog on how to choose the correct sunscreen for your children Choosing the right sunscreen for your children


  1. Dehydration

If you are travelling to a hot climate children can sometimes become dehydrated very quickly. Dioralyte sachets are handy to carry and will help rehydrate and restore lost salts in adults and children.


  1. Snacks

Lots of snacks are so important especially if there are any flight delays. Try to pack savoury treats like crackers, rice cakes, fruit, pouches as opposed to sweet snacks. The last thing you want is your children stepping onto the aeroplane with a sugar rush!


  1. Baby wipes

An essential product whether you have children or not! They can be used for everything from cleaning little hands to wiping little bums and removing makeup.


  1. Sterilising bottles

It is recommended that you sterilise all equipment if your baby is under one. Bringing your steriliser with you is not an option but there are some handy alternatives available. Steriliser bags are handy if you have access to a microwave. If not cold water sterilising tablets work very well. It is also important to bring own formula with you just in case it is not available in the location that you are going to. We would suggest packing a few empty sterilised bottles and using the ready to pour formula for convenience.


  1. Flight planning

Try to choose daytime flights that don’t interfere with your children’s sleep routine. It may seem obvious but ensure that all passports are in date. It is now possible to apply for a passport online with saves time and is really convenient.  Apply here


  1. Spare clothes

Always pack a spare set of clothes. We’ve all been there where a child has unexpected travel sickness or our suitcases don’t arrive.


  1. Activities for the journey

Whether it’s a colouring book, a favourite toy or an iPad so they can watch their favourite cartoon, children get bored easily so lots of distractions are needed on flights!


We would also advise packing at least a few days in advance and writing out a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any of the essentials.

These are just a few tips which we hope will help you when planning your next family holiday! Most of all we hope you have a great family holiday and make lost of memories!

By SureSitter